Why you need to buy the Verizon prepaid hotspots

It’s not easy to buy a prepaid hotsppot but if you’re in the market, you need one.We’ve put together a guide to buying the best prepaid hotsporats and then a list of the best mobile hotspots.Verizon prepaids are available on almost every US carrier but you’ll need to find the one you want to buy.You can also get the hotspot […]

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Verizon and Google have teamed up to boost Wi-Fi speeds in the US

A wireless hotspot that’s supposed to boost speeds in some areas may actually make them worse, according to a new study.The researchers from Google, Microsoft, and Verizon have teamed to test the new technology, which they say is likely to have a negative effect on people with poor Wi-FI access in cities, where there’s no direct access to the internet.The […]

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How to connect with Skyroam, Skyroams unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot

The following article provides details on how to connect Skyroaming and Skyrooming Hotspot to Verizon Wireless.Verizon’s Skyrooms unlimited Wi to Cellular service will be available on February 1st.Verizon will also offer its own Wireless hotspot for $0.99 per month starting on March 4th, and a $0,000 annual fee.The following are the steps required to connect your Skyroomb, Skyroid, Skyram, or […]

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