Verizon Hotspot: New hotspot deals to be announced on Wednesday

Verizon’s plans to offer a hotspot service that lets you connect to the internet without using an internet connection will be unveiled on Wednesday, according to a new report.Verizon’s plan, dubbed Wi-Fi Express, will allow users to create hotspots on their own devices, though the details are still being finalized.That means users won’t need a data plan, a monthly or […]

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Verizon, AT&T, Google to roll out new 4G hotspots at retail locations in 2017

Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are expected to roll their 4G mobile hotspot offerings out in major retail stores this year.The major carriers will begin offering their new hotspots this fall at select stores in major U.S. cities.The new 3G hotspot devices will be installed by Verizon, which is using Google’s Android Auto software, and AT&amps latest mobile device operating system.It […]

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‘Fully charged’ phones not enough to protect us from cyber threats

The US government has issued a new warning about the dangers of fully charged phones.The warning comes after it emerged that nearly 20% of smartphones have battery issues, according to research from security firm Sophos.The report said it was “a significant concern” because of the widespread availability of smartphones with removable batteries, which could allow hackers to gain access to […]

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