US internet traffic spike hits the top of charts

US internet users spent more time on mobile hotspots in November than any month in 2017, according to new data from Google.The number of hotspots reported to Google rose 11.4 percent year-over-year, to 4.5 million, as the number of people in US cities increased from 7.5 billion to 9.1 billion.The US still trails Europe as the world’s most mobile-connected nation, […]

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How to get to the US hotspots from overseas

US consumers can still use a mobile hotspot service if they have an internet connection that supports it, but it’s going to cost a bit more.The US Cellular Wireless Hotspot App, which supports the US Cellular internet network, has launched a new service called US hotspot that lets US consumers connect to the internet.The new service costs $5.99 per month […]

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