How to avoid roaming charges on Sprint’s unlimited hotspots

SPOKANE, Wash.— Spike’s unlimited, high-speed data plans will no longer be available to customers of the nation’s biggest mobile carrier.The decision to stop the roaming charges came on Friday when Sprint announced it would no longer offer unlimited data plans in some markets.Sprint will no more offer unlimited hotspops, which were widely popular, in the following markets: Atlanta, Baltimore, California, […]

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How to buy unlimited mobile hotspot with Sprint’s unlimited hotspots

The US wireless giant is set to launch a new unlimited hotspoint service for its subscribers.The company announced the new service, which it says will provide more than 3G-enabled hotspot speeds.It will allow users to use the hotspot on smartphones and tablets as well as on computers.Sprint says it will offer the hotspots for $20 per month with no contract.Customers […]

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