US charges $600 for $2,500 smartphone over Wi-Fi hotspot

A US federal court has ruled that a prepaid wireless hotspot for Verizon wireless customers is illegal because it violates net neutrality rules.The court found that Verizon’s Wi-fi hotspot is illegal in violation of Section 7 of the Communications Act, which prohibits blocking of access to “information or programs, services or networks,” and Section 21 of the Telecommunications Act, that […]

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How to connect your prepaid wifi and hotspot to the internet

You may have already bought prepaid wifi or hotspot plans in your home, but there’s one thing that you should definitely not do before you make a purchase: connect it to the Internet.This is because you’ll lose your data if you do, as the hotspot won’t have the ability to send or receive data.Luckily, it turns out that the same […]

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