How to get hotspot with Netflix, Amazon and more on the go

Netflix, Netflix, Google and others are rolling out the Netflix hotspot that will allow you to use the service anywhere you have an Internet connection.The hotspot works by connecting you to your TV using a standard Ethernet cable.You can then connect to your Internet connection through your smartphone and tablet.Amazon has been rolling out hotspots on TVs in the US […]

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When a new ‘tourist hotspot’ opens in Sydney, we’ll need to find a way to make sure we’re not next

If you’re like us and love the idea of seeing what the city’s really like on a night out, you’ll probably have a bit of a headache if you’re in the CBD, which is home to a fair number of bars and restaurants.And that’s a problem.While there’s always room for improvement in terms of the layout and ambience of bars, […]

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