How to switch to an Apple hotspot on your iPhone 5S or later

The latest iPhone, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models come with a new feature that lets you switch to a cellular network when you’re not connected to the internet.The feature is called Cellular Hotspot, and it lets you access a cellular service when you are on the go, but also when you use your cellular phone.The iPhone […]

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When you’re looking at the cheapest iPhone X, it’s time to look at the price of the iPhone XS Max

When you buy an iPhone, you have to pay attention to the price tag.If you buy a $1,000 iPhone X from a Best Buy or Walmart, you’re likely to be disappointed.If, however, you buy from Walmart or Best Buy, you should be more pleased.In fact, the iPhone 8 Plus is the least expensive iPhone X model in our list.So, how […]

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