When you can watch cricket online at the same time as your favourite cricket match on free hotspot

Cricinfo readers can now watch cricket on the same internet connection as their favourite cricket matches, thanks to an update from Cricket Australia.Read moreCricket Australia is now offering its cricket hotspot service for free on all Australian mobile networks, including the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.This means users can stream live cricket from the comfort of their home or […]

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What you need to know about Verizon’s unlimited hotspots

It is no secret that Verizon is the biggest hotspot provider in the country, and that is why the company has been able to dominate the market.As a result, Verizon has the most customers in the US.Verizon customers are also the most loyal customers in America.The company is known for its aggressive marketing campaigns and the aggressive pricing of their […]

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How to watch NHL Live 18 on Verizon Wireless and Verizon Next: What you need to know

Verizon Wireless is offering customers a new service that will give them unlimited hotspots for $40 a month.Verizon Next is a new option that lets you access unlimited hotspads with Verizon smartphones and tablets.This deal will also work on other carriers as well.If you sign up for Verizon Next through the Verizon app, you’ll be able to use the service […]

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