AT&T and Coolpad: ‘We’ll make sure you get the hotspot you want’

AT&P and CoolPad are the two largest wireless carriers in the country, but both carriers have been plagued by slow network speeds and inconsistent service.Now, CoolPad is offering unlimited data and unlimited voice service, while AT&G has recently launched its own version of Coolpad, but customers can only access the service through a $60 activation fee.The coolpad hotspot service was […]

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Wireless hotspot costs $150 a month, $300 a year for Metro Mobile plans

A new wireless hotspot plan for Metro users is being offered for $150 for a month.The $300-a-year plan is offered to users who sign up for the free unlimited data service.The service is available to those who have Metro Mobile service, or who are on a mobile hotspier.The Metro Mobile hotspot is available in the Metro system, and is available […]

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How do you spot a metro mobile smartphone hotspot?

There are many ways to identify a mobile hotspots that might be useful for your business.But with so many mobile hotspads available, you may not know the location of every hotspot.Luckily, there are a number of websites and apps that can help you.These are the best ways to find out if a mobile phone hotspot is available, so you can […]

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