Trump: We’ll end the “fatal virus”

The American President Donald Trump is calling for an end to the deadly virus that’s swept the nation, calling it a “fascinating thing.”Trump told Fox News Sunday that the United States should be focused on the pandemic, but that the pandemics’ causes and effects are complex and will never be fully understood by anyone.Trump, speaking from Mar-a-Lago in Florida, said […]

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How to buy 4G LTE hotspots for under $100

How to find cheap 4G hotspot plan for under the $100 mark?It might be tempting to take a quick dip in a 4G-enabled hotspot for a few hours, but the results will vary depending on the network you’re using.There are some excellent options on the market now that are worth considering for those looking to ditch the cable TV subscription […]

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Verizon and Google have teamed up to boost Wi-Fi speeds in the US

A wireless hotspot that’s supposed to boost speeds in some areas may actually make them worse, according to a new study.The researchers from Google, Microsoft, and Verizon have teamed to test the new technology, which they say is likely to have a negative effect on people with poor Wi-FI access in cities, where there’s no direct access to the internet.The […]

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