Which TV shows are the most expensive to watch?

Now Playing: Netflix is launching a streaming service to help its members avoid paying Netflix taxes Now Playing “The Man Who Wasn’t There” stars as the latest movie to get the theatrical treatment Now Playing The 10 best sports movies of 2017 So Far Now Playing What’s the best new TV show of 2018?Now Playing ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on CNN, […]

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How to use Skyroam to see what’s hot in the world of hotspots

You’re going to need a Skyroamer.It’s a little box that you attach to your phone that allows you to see hotspots across the world.You can add a hotspot to your account, but you can also set up your own.You could find out what’s popular, or where you live, using Skyroams.Skyroam has also got a nifty feature called “hot spots”.This is […]

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Why you can’t have both: Cricket and hotspot deals for the super rich

As I wrote last week, Cricket and Hotspot have become two of the hottest sports betting markets in the world.But what if you’re just not a fan of either?Cricket has been around since the late 19th century, and it is now the most popular sport in the United States.Hotspot, on the other hand, was founded in 1996 and started by […]

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