Why my internet is not working

A new report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) says that only 3 percent of households in the United States can afford to buy high-speed internet.The ITIF report, titled How Low Can You Go?, notes that while most consumers in the U.S. have internet access, the median household income in the country is only $52,000.That’s below the $65,000 […]

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AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile agree to new internet pricing structure

AT&t, Verizon, and T’s internet plans have been finalized, and the companies have agreed to the pricing structure of the future, according to Reuters.The companies will set their own prices for a variety of services, including internet access, voice, video, and more, according a press release.T-mobile and Verizon will also be offering the same packages for some services, but they […]

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Why I won’t use my mobile phone while out and about

There’s a new iPhone that could help you avoid using your mobile phone when you’re out and out and it comes with an internet hotspot feature.This could be a great idea for people who are stuck in traffic jams, or when they want to make sure their internet service is online while travelling.What it doesThe iPhone XS Max includes a […]

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