How to use the mobile hotspots in hotspot shield

How to set up the hotspot shields on mobile devices to make them accessible to mobile users, with some handy tips.1.Enable hotspot for wifi hotspots2.Enable wireless hotspot 3.Enable internet access hotspot 4.Set a password5.Enable wifi hotspot on home screen6.Set the network for internet access7.Enable a WiFi hotspot8.Enable the mobile network to make the mobile devices connect to the internet9.Enable WiFi […]

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Cricket hotspot gets internet-ready hotspot

A few hours before the match kicked off, the crowd had already gathered in the grass-covered area in front of the pavilion for a pre-match meal, while the rest of the stadium awaited the opening bell.It was the perfect spot to get some work done, but there were still some questions to be answered.The game had been delayed for two […]

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