When will you get your hands on the F-Type hotspot?

If you were hoping to see your F-TYPE in the flesh, you’re out of luck.The F-type, as the company calls its new wireless hotspot in India, is still a prototype.The device is only expected to launch in mid-March.However, this is the latest in a series of delays for F-types that have seen delays of up to a year.The devices are […]

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How to get a Google Fi Hotspot on your phone

Posted July 15, 2018 07:04:18How to get your Google Fi hotspot on an Android device, and what you’ll need to do.You can connect to your Google’s wifi hotspots via the Google app or Google website, or you can connect your Google device directly via the web using the Google mobile app.If you have a Google device, you can also download […]

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What is Google Fi Hotspot?

Google has rolled out its new data plan for customers of its Wi-Fi hotspot service, and the plans can be used with other Google products.Google’s new Wi-fi hotspot plan, which will be available to new users in the US and Canada starting on Tuesday, offers customers unlimited access to hotspots on Google Fiber.The plans can also be used to access […]

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