AT&T: NBN ‘wasted’ on WiFi hotspot in metro hotspot

AT&t is planning to install its own wifi hotspots across its metro network in the Sydney CBD, with the goal of reducing its reliance on a third party.The company will also use its new “smart” router to provide Wi-Fi access to other AT&ts network locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.In a statement to The Register, AT&Ts chief technology officer Mark […]

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A ‘Frugal Hotspot’ for $10 per month with unlimited wifi

Next Big Futures article The company is making a big move on the smartphone market with the new Wireless Hotspot, which will be available for $9 per month.The company said that the Wireless Hotspots can be set up and used as a regular WiFi hotspot or for streaming videos and other content.The new Wireless HotSpot will have support for four […]

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