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The Sport bible says you can use a free mobile hotsphere and the free internet service at& Boost Mobile Hotspot for the iPhone and the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the iPhone 7s and iPhone 8, for a limited time.The new free hotspheres, and internet access, can be […]

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Which Android smartphone is the best unlimited smartphone hotspot?

The best Android smartphones that have unlimited data are not the ones you use for gaming, watching Netflix, or browsing the Web.They are the ones that are also equipped with the most advanced, most capable, and most versatile apps.That is why we asked the experts to rank the best smartphone hotspots for all of our favorite purposes.The results from our […]

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Verizon, Google: Your personal hotspots can now use the hotspot shield as a way to share data

By JENNIFER GARBARAFox News|September 27, 2018 10:03:38The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to allow personal hotspots to use the Google Fiber-like Google Shield network as a means to share more data.The vote came after Google’s announcement that it was working with several ISPs to build a cloud-based solution that allows users to use their personal hotsps to share their […]

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