How to get free hotspots in Metro’s unlimited hotspots

WASHINGTON (AP) Free Wi-Fi in Metro will start as soon as Metro is up and running, but you’ll have to sign up before then.Metro said Thursday it’s giving free Wi-FI to Metro users who use its unlimited hotspots.That means you’ll get the free hotspets starting Friday, but it won’t be until April that you can use them.The service is free […]

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How to get $50 free from Comcast Hotspot Shield Chrome

In this article, we will explain how to get a free $50 in Comcast Hotspots Shield Chrome app on your mobile device.1.Sign into your account2.Click the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.3.Choose ‘Show advanced settings’4.Under ‘Network’, tap ‘Mobile’.5.Under Mobile network, tap ‘Wi-Fi’.6.Under Cellular network, scroll down to the ‘WiFi’ section.7.Under Wi-Fi, tap the ‘Enable Hotspot’ button.8.You should […]

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