How to Get Your Own Free Netgear Hotspot app

Netgear has announced plans to expand its prepaid mobile hotspot business to include tablets and smartphones.The company has launched its Netgear Netgear hotspots, a suite of Wi-Fi routers that include Netgear routers that can be purchased separately.The new Netgear netgear netgpads, or netgpad tablets, are available starting today for $49.99.The Netgear Wi-fi netgpds are available for $129.99 and can be […]

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How to use a free hotspot with your AT&T iPhone or iPad, the free hotspots are not yet available

If you are using your iPhone or tablet with AT&t, you will need to install an AT&s hotspot client on your device.To do so, open the app and tap on Settings > Device Settings.Then tap on Add a Hotspot and select your device type.You will need a free AT&ts hotspot software to do this.When your device connects to the hotspot […]

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