When a Verizon Hotspot Isn’t Enough

It doesn’t look like Verizon is going to change its mind about how it operates the company’s mobile hotspots.As it stands, Verizon’s current plan requires customers to purchase and install two hotspots per account.In the company-wide announcement last week, Verizon said it would be removing the requirement to purchase a second hotspot per account, and it will offer unlimited data […]

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What is a Free Mobile Hotspot?

A mobile hotspots is an internet connection you can access without paying for.They’re generally free and come with free apps for you to use.But it doesn’t mean you can go without them.A free mobile service is often considered the most secure form of communication, so if you’re concerned about security, it’s a good idea to sign up for one.A mobile […]

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‘Fully charged’ phones not enough to protect us from cyber threats

The US government has issued a new warning about the dangers of fully charged phones.The warning comes after it emerged that nearly 20% of smartphones have battery issues, according to research from security firm Sophos.The report said it was “a significant concern” because of the widespread availability of smartphones with removable batteries, which could allow hackers to gain access to […]

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