How to turn on a VPN, Verizon hotspot shield, and Biodiversity Hotspots

Verizon Wireless has announced that it is adding Biodiverse Hotspots to its FiOS network.Biodiversified Hotspots are a way to connect to your Verizon hotspots from anywhere, anywhere in the world.Verizon Wireless is offering these hotspots for free on the FiOS Connected device plan.These hotspots are only available to FiOS users who have an active Verizon wireless account.In addition to Biodiverd […]

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How to get your device number from your smartphone 5G hotspot

The most popular smartphones are now connected to the 5G mobile network.Now that Google is rolling out 5G, many Android users are asking how to get their smartphone number from their mobile network using an app.Here’s what you need to know.What you need: A smartphone that supports the 5g standard.A hotspot for the 5 g network, a hotspot that works […]

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