Wifi hotspot for $30? Walmart wifi, mobile hotspots are here

Wal-Mart is trying to sell the idea of a Wi-Fi hotspot at its stores.┬áThe company has released a new wireless hotspot in the form of the Wal-mart WiFi hotspot that will be available for $29.99.The Wal-marts $29 Wifi Hotspot is a wireless router with Wi-fi capabilities, it will be priced at $29 for the base model.The Wi-wifi hotspots offer unlimited […]

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How do you spot a metro mobile smartphone hotspot?

There are many ways to identify a mobile hotspots that might be useful for your business.But with so many mobile hotspads available, you may not know the location of every hotspot.Luckily, there are a number of websites and apps that can help you.These are the best ways to find out if a mobile phone hotspot is available, so you can […]

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When you buy a hot spot, do you need a license?

The following article is part of a series, The New American, that will examine the importance of medical licensure for the future of the healthcare industry.Read more about licensing and licensure in healthcare.Medical licenses are often viewed as a means of protecting patients from potential harm, and while they are used as a primary deterrent, there are other benefits to […]

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