What is the future of the wireless internet?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly expanding category of consumer products that are intended to be connected to and controlled by computers and other devices.These devices are intended for the home, the office, and the car.In the future, these devices could be used to connect to the internet, connect to a home theater, and stream video or audio.These […]

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How to make a phone app that lets you turn on the hotspot and keep it active

Cox hotspots are a thing of the past and they’re being phased out as smartphones become more data-heavy.That’s the conclusion of the latest mobile security report by security firm ThreatConnect.┬áThe report, which was prepared for the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMPTA) by security company Kaspersky Lab, found that a majority of devices can no longer be used to connect to […]

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How to make a phone that runs iOS 10 without the iPhone’s built-in camera and microphone

The next generation of smartphones is coming and it might just come with an iPhone camera and microphones built-into it.The iPhone XS Max, for instance, is powered by an A10 Fusion chip that’s capable of producing 5K-resolution videos and 4K-quality audio.That’s the same chip that powers the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone XR.The chip will also allow the iPhone […]

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