Apple and Google are expected to launch a new mobile hotsphere in South Korean territory of Jeju soon, the country’s government said on Wednesday.

The company will offer the service through a new app called Hotspot Shield, which is being developed by Google.

The app will be available in the country through Google Play, the official Apple App Store and the Apple TV App Store, the South Korean government said.

It will allow users to place calls and text messages and connect to wi-fi networks, as well as access the internet and share files, the government said in a statement.

The new hotspot is being built by Korean telecommunications giant SK Telecom and Google.

In April, South Korea’s top court ordered the launch of an alternative mobile hotspace after the country failed to comply with a court order to allow the launch.

South Korea has faced increasing competition from other countries in the region for mobile hotsps, which allow users access to Wi-Fi networks and allow for data transfers.

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