If you’ve been following the sprint race for a while, you might have noticed a bit of a pattern.

The first stage is the same, with some small differences but they are mostly small.

It usually takes around three hours to complete the race and you have to sprint for almost the entire time.

In this case, you’re going to be sprinting for an hour and a half.

You could argue that you should be sprinted for at least an hour.

But the pace is still slower than the other sprint stages.

It’s also not as fast as the other stages because the sprints are so short. 

I think the sprint stages are too short for the average person to complete them.

The speed of the sprint is also not fast enough to catch the eyes of the spectators, so you won’t see the likes of the sprinters in the stands. 

It’s not the same for the TV commentators.

The TV commentators are there to make sure the race is well-organized.

They will be there to watch the race with you.

It might take a bit longer than normal to catch up with the pace, but it’s not going to make the race a chore. 

You might not be able to watch every single stage but you can catch up on the first two. 

The first stage will be on Monday at 8:30am local time (1:30pm BST). 

The second stage will start on Tuesday at 10:30:00am local, and the final stage will kick off on Wednesday at 12:00pm local (8:00PM BST).

You can catch all of the race live on BBC One, BBC Two and ITV. 

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