Cricinfo readers can now watch cricket on the same internet connection as their favourite cricket matches, thanks to an update from Cricket Australia.

Read moreCricket Australia is now offering its cricket hotspot service for free on all Australian mobile networks, including the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This means users can stream live cricket from the comfort of their home or work, even if they’re not connected to the internet.

“The Cricket Australia Cricket Hotspot is a free hotspots service that lets you watch cricket from anywhere in the world, anywhere in Australia,” the company said in a statement.

“If you are not in Australia, you can choose to connect to the Cricket Australia network.

You can then access all the cricket on-demand features that the Cricket Network offers, including live streaming of live cricket, live commentary, match replays and more.”

If you have an iPhone, iPod touch or Android smartphone and are on a Cricket Australia Mobile plan, you are able to access all of the Cricket Mobile content from any device, including your Apple iPhone or iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, and your Apple Watch.

“Cricketer David Warner tweeted: “Just received my free Cricket Hotspots.

Great to finally be able to watch the Ashes on the iPhone!

Can’t wait to see the Ashes and the T20 in Melbourne in February.

“The Cricket Hotsprite is currently available only to Cricket Australia customers who have a fixed broadband connection on the network.

This includes people who use the NBN to access their mobile phone networks, but are not connected with the internet via an ADSL2+ connection.

Cricketers are already eligible to stream live Cricket matches on the Cricket Hotsplit, but users will need to be connected to a fixed network in order to stream cricket live.

While it is unclear how many people have access to the hotspot via the website, Cricket Australia confirmed on Twitter that it has about 4,000 subscribers who can watch the matches.

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