The Canadian dollar has become the benchmark currency in many countries, with the euro the largest reserve currency.

However, it is not the only currency that is a safe haven.

In the U.S., the dollar is seen as a safe place to hold a dollar, as it has a stable value over the long term.

With the global economy on a downturn, the U (U.S.) has been forced to borrow at low interest rates to keep the economy afloat.

However this can have the effect of making it more difficult for businesses to pay their bills.

The U.K. dollar is viewed as a stable, safe and low inflationary currency, while the U-K.

pound is considered a stable and low risk currency.

The Canadian currency has been the target of a number of currency wars and the U of C is one of the few countries that has not seen a currency war.

Canada has also seen a number price wars, but the majority of them have not been in Canada.

In fact, the price wars have mostly occurred outside of Canada.

For example, the Japanese yen has been trading at a level that has been seen as an attractive place to store Canadian dollars, which is why the Japanese have been able to manipulate the market.

The Japanese have also been able the manipulate Canadian interest rates.

It is no secret that the Canadian government has been trying to push the yen higher.

However the yen has managed to stay in the range of where it is today.

The Bank of Canada has been encouraging Canadians to hold their Canadian dollars in their accounts, and the Canadian currency remains relatively stable and relatively cheap compared to other currencies.

Canadian consumers are expected to benefit from lower inflationary costs, and it is important to note that the rate of inflation has been falling for the last year.

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