As you read this, Sprint’s mobile hotspots are still working as intended and its new mobile data plan is starting to show some success.

It’s a new, lower monthly price of $50 per month for unlimited data for two years and $70 per month thereafter.

This is the same price Sprint is charging for its previous, more-sophisticated unlimited data plan.

The new plan is also available on Sprint’s prepaid network, which is a cheaper option that doesn’t require monthly service payments.

However, the new unlimited data plans have some big changes.

First, Sprint has lowered the price for monthly data to $50 for two-year, from $70.

Second, the company is offering a lower monthly plan for unlimited LTE data at the same $70 monthly price.

Sprint is now offering unlimited data in both areas of its network, as opposed to its old, more expensive unlimited LTE plan.

In this article, we’ll examine the two new unlimited LTE plans, and talk about why Sprint’s pricing is dropping.

Sprint Unlimited LTE: How much does it cost?

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