The Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) has expressed concern that Cricket Australia could use a 3g mobile hotspots at some matches.

The game’s governing body has yet to make a decision on the use of 3G devices in Australia’s domestic T20 competitions.

It is understood Cricket Australia is considering using 3G hotspots in some venues, including those at the Sydney Cricket Ground and Adelaide Oval.

The Aussie Cricket Association says it is aware of the potential of 3g hotspots to enable players to communicate on a 3-D, multi-screen basis, which would allow players to see the pitch and the field on the same screen.

“The AACA is aware that CricketAustralia is considering the use and use of a 3D Hotspot in some of their matches and that the game’s governance has not yet made any determination,” the Australian Crackdown website states.

“Cricket Australia is committed to making sure that all our players have access to a wide range of technology to ensure that they are not affected by a disruption to the enjoyment of the game.”

Cricket Australia did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Australia’s IPL has seen an increase in the number of matches played on the grass, with many of the domestic T10 and T20 games played on turf.

In the past two months, the IPL, which is currently running in the middle of the tournament, has seen a spike in its average crowds at home, according to the ICC’s data.

Cricket Australia has also said that it is in the process of considering the potential use of live TV, with the new partnership with Sky Sports potentially offering a more comprehensive view of the match.

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