The US is set to become the first nation to offer 4G internet on the biggest mobile network in the world. 

With 4G coverage in the US set to be rolled out in January, consumers will be able to download content, stream movies and access video on their smartphones. 

The move comes as Verizon plans to launch a new network of hotspots that will allow customers to access the internet through a single home network. 

“As part of the nationwide rollout, Verizon will be rolling out hotspot devices that can connect to any of our wireless networks, such as our 4G networks and the LTE networks of our retail customers,” a Verizon spokesperson told the Guardian. 

Verizon’s network will allow users to access internet speeds of up to 1.5Gbps, with the hotspot device able to stream video and download data up to 25GB at a time. 

However, there are restrictions to the devices. 

Customers will need to connect the hotspots with a single device. 

It is unclear how long customers will be allowed to keep their devices connected to the network, although it is believed to be a few days. 

Other major carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are already rolling out 4G access to their networks, and AT&amps is expected to start the rollout next month. 

Despite the announcement, 4G has yet to take off in the UK. 

According to The Times, there is no indication of any big uptake in the country, which is home to the UK’s biggest wireless provider, Vodafone. 

On a national level, the move is unlikely to impact on the number of UK households that already have access to a 4G mobile network.

“The introduction of the 4G network is expected in January and we expect it to significantly increase the number and range of people who can access high-speed broadband from their home,” the company said.

However, it is unclear if the introduction of hotspot services will have any impact on how many people have access.

Verizon said the 4Gs network will be “built to last”, with 4G speeds of at least 1Gbps and will offer “the best quality and reliability of 4G” in the United States. 

Although there is currently no official confirmation on how long the service will last, it does not seem to be an issue with the device itself.

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