At&t is finally taking the steps to address the speed issues plaguing some US internet service providers.

The company on Monday announced a new feature that allows customers to connect their home internet service to their smartphones and tablets.

The feature works on AT&t’s new wireless broadband service, called Frontier, as well as T-Mobile’s T-1.

AT&T also announced that it will launch the free Hotspot box.

The Hotspot Box lets users download content and movies from AT&ts streaming video app and other content on the internet.

The free Hotspots can be used for streaming video from AT+TV or T-Mobiles to a mobile device, as long as it has access to the internet and has at least a 1.5GHz processor.

At&ts new Hotspot feature will also let users access a number of other content from AT’s video service including HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Disney, CNN, HBO Go, Netflix, and the ESPN app.

“We’re proud to bring this new Hotspots to AT&Ts customers, who can now access more than a dozen different video content and applications, including the HBO Go mobile app, Showtime streaming, Hulu streaming, ESPN streaming, HBO Now mobile and the popular Disney app,” AT&tz said in a statement.

AT+T and T-mobile will work together to offer the Hotspot option to Frontier customers.

“This will help AT& T reach more of its customers, including millennials, in a way that helps to make their life easier and provides them with an even better experience,” AT+Tech Chief Financial Officer Dave Reisner said in the statement.

“While we understand that many of our customers are already paying a premium for unlimited data, we are proud of AT& ts efforts to bring these Hotspot boxes to the Frontier customers.”

AT& ts first Hotspot device is a wireless hotspot box that connects to an AT&gta router that provides the hotspot service.

AT & ts new Hotspokes can be plugged into a TV or projector to stream video.

AT and T& t s newest hotspots have more processing power than previous models, which allows them to handle a wider variety of content.

AT’s new hotspots are not available in the US yet, but AT&& t will begin selling them in Europe in the coming months.

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