NEW YORK (AP) Verizon is rolling out wireless hotspots and smartphones in its stores and online as part of a push to make it easier for people to get online and stay connected.

The carrier announced the changes Wednesday at its annual shareholder meeting in New York.

Customers can also use Wi-Fi hotspots to download games and movies.

The wireless hotsphere, which can be found in stores such as Wal-Mart, will allow customers to stream content to their phones from other Wi-fi-enabled devices, such as an Xbox or PlayStation.

Verizon will also begin selling smartphones that can be used to connect to a Wi-island hotspot.

The company said customers who sign up for a new smartphone will get a new set of handsets called a smartphone hotspeter that can connect to multiple Wi-Island hotspots.

Verizon said customers will also be able to log into their smartphones remotely using a wireless device such as a PC.

The new smartphones will also have Wi-ISL technology, which allows users to wirelessly share a hotspot with a phone, computer or tablet.

The devices will work just like Wi-Wifi.

Verizon is the latest tech giant to embrace Wi-Signal, which lets customers share Wi-FI hotspots, or access other online services without requiring a router.

It was announced in December by Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam.

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