The American President Donald Trump is calling for an end to the deadly virus that’s swept the nation, calling it a “fascinating thing.”

Trump told Fox News Sunday that the United States should be focused on the pandemic, but that the pandemics’ causes and effects are complex and will never be fully understood by anyone.

Trump, speaking from Mar-a-Lago in Florida, said he would be willing to meet with scientists and medical experts in the coming weeks and months to find solutions.

He also said that the disease could be prevented with “much better vaccinations.”

The President also called on his supporters to stand up for their values.

Trump has often spoken about the importance of being patriotic and has called for the U.S. to become a “nation of immigrants.”

Trump has repeatedly blamed the deadly flu for the nation’s woes.

Trump also said during his campaign that the country needs to stop blaming immigrants for the country’s problems and focus instead on those who were born here.

Trump has said he believes there are more than enough doctors to deal with the virus, saying that the virus could be “killed” by a vaccine.

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