I have a portable hotspots phone that I use all day long, and the only thing I can’t control is when it’s charging.

That means that whenever I leave the house, I have to turn off my phone or turn it on, or both, to keep it charged.

I’m not alone.

The same goes for most smartphones and tablets, but in the case of portable hotspads, the problem is even worse.

The most common cause of this problem is overheating, and in the process, the phone or tablet may lose battery life.

I have the hotspot app on my phone that turns on and off when I’m home, and I keep it turned on because it keeps the phone from overheating too quickly.

But in this case, I’m just not worried about overheating and the phone is just a battery.

Here’s why.

I can still charge my portable hotspy phone on a power strip, or power strip charging stations, but that’s it.

They charge the phone as if it’s a regular charger, but without any of the hassle and problems associated with using an ordinary charger.

So why do portable hots pads work so well?

Portable hots pods work well because they have a rechargeable battery, but they don’t have a charging port, which means they don

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