A network of hotspots has been set up to provide users with access to local internet services.

The Cricket Wireless Hotspot Network (CWCN) is run by Cricket Wireless and is intended to enable mobile phone and internet users in the community to access services such as CricInfo, The Herald Sun, the Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC and many more.

Cricket Wireless CEO and CEO of Cricinfo Michael O’Connor says that Cricket Wireless has set up a number of hotspot sites in the metropolitan areas and suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne.

“This is a very important step in ensuring that our community members have access to all of our digital services and our apps and websites,” Mr O’Connor said.

“Cricket Wireless has partnered with CriciInfo, a leading digital news and information provider, to set up our first hotspot in the Sydney metropolitan area.”

Mr O ‘Connor says that Cricidens website and mobile app was not affected by the network shutdown.

“The Cricizn mobile app has been updated to work with our Cricket Wireless hotspot network,” he said.

The CricWireless website says the network has been down since Thursday.

Mr O Connor says the first hotspots will be set up in the city of Adelaide, and in Melbourne the first one will be installed in the suburb of Werribee.

The first mobile hotspots are expected to be set in Perth and in Brisbane.

Mr Connor said Cricket Wireless plans to extend the network to other parts of the country.

He says the project is expected to cost about $300,000.

“We’re really just looking for a couple of hundred thousand dollars,” he says.

“So we’ll be able to expand it to other areas.”

Cricnetl hotspot system Mr O”Connor admits that the network was not up and running when he started the project in March.

“It’s very, very hard to do in this day and age,” he explains.

“There was a lot of technical difficulties, the system wasn’t set up properly, the phone was a bit buggy, there were a lot issues.”

But he says the organisation is confident that it is up and operational.

“In a matter of weeks we’ve had about 80 per cent of our network back online and we’ve got some very exciting things happening in the near future.”

The project is funded by Cricket, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the NSW Rural Broadband Network Corporation and the NSW Government.

Cricket has set aside $200,000 to provide the network with equipment and software for a period of six months.

The network will also be managed by Cricket’s customer service team.

“That’s the thing that makes Cricket Wireless so special,” Mr Conner says.

The team is looking for ways to increase access to the network.

“They’re looking for new technology and new technology is the key,” he notes.

“If they can get us a new phone, a new SIM card, and a new modem and some new software, they’ll be more than happy to pay us for that.”

The network has so far been used by over 10,000 users.

The project has been supported by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

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