— Spike’s unlimited, high-speed data plans will no longer be available to customers of the nation’s biggest mobile carrier.

The decision to stop the roaming charges came on Friday when Sprint announced it would no longer offer unlimited data plans in some markets.

Sprint will no more offer unlimited hotspops, which were widely popular, in the following markets: Atlanta, Baltimore, California, Colorado, Denver, Florida, Houston, Indiana, Kansas, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, New Orleans, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, Seattle and Tampa.

There are no plans for unlimited data in Washington, D.C., which was the first carrier to stop roaming charges.

Spikes unlimited data plan will no long be available for customers of Sprint in the metro Atlanta area.

In some markets, such as Philadelphia, the carrier is offering plans that include roaming, and will be available in the future.

It will be a year from now, if there is no change, that these unlimited plans will disappear, Sprint said.

As a result of this decision, there will be no more Sprint unlimited data offer for any customer, but there will still be some options that Sprint offers customers.

Sprint will no have unlimited hots and roaming, but will still have some other offerings.

Here is a look at how the Sprint unlimited hots will work in the next year.

The Sprint unlimited plan is based on data speeds of at least 300 megabytes per second.

Sprint says that if you plan to use the unlimited hots at speeds between 300 megabits and 1 gigabyte per second, you will need to purchase additional data plans.

Sprint says that you can upgrade your data plans to a higher speed if you are still experiencing data performance issues.

Says Sprint: You will need a plan with at least 1 gigabit of high speed data to make sure you get all the benefits of unlimited data without worrying about roaming or roaming charges for other customers.

If you are not sure whether you have the high-quality data you need, or if you want to upgrade to a more expensive plan, you can do so at any time by contacting Sprint at 1-800-SPACE (1-800_SOLDIER).

Sprint has a customer service hotline at 1.800.634.1212.

Sprint’s mobile customer service team can be reached at 1 917.678.2494.

The company has a blog at blog.sprint.com.

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