AT&t, Verizon, and T’s internet plans have been finalized, and the companies have agreed to the pricing structure of the future, according to Reuters.

The companies will set their own prices for a variety of services, including internet access, voice, video, and more, according a press release.

T-mobile and Verizon will also be offering the same packages for some services, but they will not be tied to a specific package, the release states.

The price structure is designed to encourage more consumers to switch providers, Reuters reports.

The prices will vary based on how many customers are paying for the services.

For example, AT&ts internet plan will have the same price as a standard phone plan, and Verizon internet plan can cost up to $100 more per month, according the press release, while T-Mo plans will have lower prices for some internet services.

T and Verizon have yet to reveal pricing for the next wave of their internet plans.

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