AT&P and CoolPad are the two largest wireless carriers in the country, but both carriers have been plagued by slow network speeds and inconsistent service.

Now, CoolPad is offering unlimited data and unlimited voice service, while AT&G has recently launched its own version of Coolpad, but customers can only access the service through a $60 activation fee.

The coolpad hotspot service was only available for AT&Ts customers, and the company has yet to say when customers will be able to start using the service.

AT&S is also testing an unlimited data plan with a $35 activation fee, and is expected to launch a data plan in the coming weeks.

But while the Coolpad hotspots are a welcome addition to the wireless experience, AT&gtown says customers can’t expect them until after they’ve signed up for a $50 monthly data plan.

“We will make sure that you get it,” CoolPad co-founder and CEO Michael Stoltz told the Associated Press.

“The service is still in beta.

We’ve got a ton of work to do before it’s ready for you to be able get it.

We are not making this for you.

We’re making it for you.”

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