Updated May 22, 2018 12:14:15A warning to users of mobile devices is to be removed from the Apple iOS and Android operating systems after a new bug was discovered in the security update.

Users of Apple iOS 10.3.2 will be warned that the software update may cause a system to restart after being uninstalled.

This is the second security update for iOS devices, and the first for the operating system.

This is a warning.

We are removing this warning.

Apple did not say how many devices might be affected by the bug, or whether the issue was limited to the iPhone or iPad.

Apple’s security team said in a statement that the update was “not intended for users to install it on their devices”.

Affected users will be asked to disable or remove any app that contains the iOS security update or “other updates” and then to restart the device.

Apple said in its statement that it had removed the security warning from the iOS software update for all affected devices.

Apple was not immediately available for comment.

The bug was first reported in a tweet by security researcher Adam Mosseri, who said the update could be causing users to reboot.

“I was using a Mac Pro with iOS 10, the iOS 10 update, and it seemed to be causing a reboot after the update,” Mosseri wrote.

“This is now fixed.

I am not sure why the update did this.

Any help would be appreciated.”

Apple has not responded to the claim that the bug was affecting users of the iPhone.

The security update is available to everyone on the Mac and PC versions of iOS 10 that Apple released on June 28.

It is also available to iOS devices running iOS 10 on Apple’s Mac Pro.

Users who have previously updated to the latest version of iOS can opt to install the update without the warning.

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