Walmart’s acquisition of Inc. would have significant ramifications for the mobile gaming industry.

It would allow Walmart to better leverage its growing library of mobile games and make it easier to buy and sell games, which are already available on iOS and Android devices.

Walmart said its buyout would also create new opportunities for the company to bring its games to a wider audience.

“We believe this transaction represents an important step forward in our efforts to expand and strengthen our mobile strategy,” said Walmart CEO Doug McMillon in a statement.

“Walmart has been a leader in the mobile games space, and this acquisition will further strengthen our position.”

Amazon has struggled to make money in the face of a massive shift to mobile, which is becoming more common.

It has had to cut prices and expand its store inventory to meet its growing demand.

In addition to the mobile-friendly pricing, the company’s mobile apps are also popular with gamers.

Walmart is reportedly planning to roll out mobile games in the United States within the next few years.

“With this acquisition, Walmart has demonstrated a commitment to expanding the reach of its mobile games to include all segments of our customers,” said David Shulman, senior vice president of mobile gaming at Zynga Inc., which owns Minecraft and Farmville.

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