iPhone users can use their phone’s cellular data network to make it work with Apple’s latest iOS software, according to a blog post by the iPhone’s hardware manufacturer, AppleInsider.

The post, which first appeared on AppleInsiders.com on Monday, notes that users who have previously activated iOS 7 on an iPhone with a “remote hotsp” feature can tap into the iPhone to activate the feature with a few taps.

This will allow the iPhone user to access the iPhone using a cellular data connection, but the remote hotsp feature can only be used with cellular data on the iPhone.

If a person with a smartphone with the “remote” feature has used their cellular data to connect to the cellular network on the other end of the connection, the iPhone will turn off the cellular data, leaving the iPhone as a “hot spot” on the network.

AppleInsitors.com explains that iPhone users who do not have a remote hotspot enabled can still use their iPhone’s cellular network to access Apple’s servers and applications without the need to tap into cellular data.

To use the “hot spots” feature, users must first enable the hotspot and then turn on the hotsp by tapping on the menu icon in the top right corner of the iPhone and then tapping the “Settings” button.

Users must then turn the hotspots on in the “Wi-Fi” section of the “Advanced” menu.

Users can also enable and disable the hotspe feature on the “Network” section by tapping the menu button in the upper right corner.

Users who have the hotsps enabled will be able to connect their iPhone to the Apple servers and apps using the network they choose.

To disable the remote-hotsp feature, Apple warns that iPhone owners should not connect their iPhones to the network on a public hotspot because it could potentially block other users from accessing the network, or make other devices and apps unable to access cellular data connections.

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