If you are using your iPhone or tablet with AT&t, you will need to install an AT&s hotspot client on your device.

To do so, open the app and tap on Settings > Device Settings.

Then tap on Add a Hotspot and select your device type.

You will need a free AT&ts hotspot software to do this.

When your device connects to the hotspot service, you’ll need to tap on Connect.

At the bottom of the screen, tap on Advanced settings.

At this time, tap the Allow me to change settings option and you will be prompted to enable AT&tm’s free hotspat service.

After enabling the free service, your iPhone/iPad will automatically be connected to the AT&ton’s hotspot network.

Now, your device can use the hotspots free feature and access all the hotspots available in the AT &t app.

The free hotspets are not available on all devices and AT&gt will continue to provide a free unlimited hotspot for certain devices.

You can access your free hotspn service at any time by visiting the AT T website or the AT apps home page.

For more information, visit AT T.

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