A new wireless hotspot plan for Metro users is being offered for $150 for a month.

The $300-a-year plan is offered to users who sign up for the free unlimited data service.

The service is available to those who have Metro Mobile service, or who are on a mobile hotspier.

The Metro Mobile hotspot is available in the Metro system, and is available at Metro stations and at a few other locations.

The plans are available online at the Metro Mobile website.

The free unlimited unlimited plan starts at $120 a month and is for two users.

The first person on the plan gets two free Metro Mobile minutes, and the second person gets one free Metro mobile minute.

The plan is for the first time available to anyone who signs up for a free unlimited plan.

The Metro Mobile mobile hotspots are only available to Metro users who are in the metro system.

The free unlimited plans are not available in some areas, such as parts of St. Louis.

There are also limited Metro Mobile phone service plans, including for Metro customers in St. Charles, Missouri, and St. Paul, Minnesota.

For more information about Metro Mobile, visit metro.com.

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