Verizon’s plans to offer a hotspot service that lets you connect to the internet without using an internet connection will be unveiled on Wednesday, according to a new report.

Verizon’s plan, dubbed Wi-Fi Express, will allow users to create hotspots on their own devices, though the details are still being finalized.

That means users won’t need a data plan, a monthly or yearly fee or a mobile hotspot pass to get hotspots.

The hotspot option will be available to customers who sign up for an Unlimited Data Plan that comes with a data cap of 1 GB per month or 100 GB per year, according the company.

Users who sign into Wi-Fares on their devices will also be able to create and manage hotspots, according Verizon.

The company is also reportedly testing an online tool that lets users create their own hotspots with Wi-Fs, but the software will not be available on the internet until March.

Verizon also plans to release a Wi-fi gateway for its existing customers to use with their new hotspot-making apps.

The Wi-FI Express plan comes as Verizon has faced backlash over its aggressive pricing practices.

It has been criticized for locking out customers who use mobile hotspots and limiting the amount of data that users can use on a device.

Last month, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam announced the company would offer an unlimited data plan for $99 a month.

The carrier has since rolled out a $50 plan that will be priced at $99 per month.

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