UK broadband speeds have soared to a record high in the second quarter as the Government signed up to a 5G spectrum deal worth more than £1 billion.

Data caps for mobile hotspots and hotspot users have been capped at 10GB, but the Government is seeking to make the rules even stricter for new customers.

The rollout of 5G, also known as 3G, is being pushed by the UK Government, which has said the network will provide much faster speeds and more than 20 times the capacity of today’s network.

More:More:5G will allow internet service providers to offer services at speeds that are up to 20 times faster than today’s networks.

In January the Government said it would spend £6bn to build 4G networks, which will be used to provide internet service to the entire UK, by 2020.

The Government also announced it will roll out 5G services on the home and business front as well as in rural areas, in addition to providing access to the internet for schools.

The government’s 5G policy has sparked concern among mobile internet users, who have voiced concerns about the cost of upgrading and the potential impact on their quality of service.

Some internet users have criticised the Government’s move to impose restrictions on hotspot data and for charging for hotspot access, saying it will only encourage people to use the internet at home.

In its latest guidance, the UK’s regulator Ofcom said the rules would help “improve the overall quality of broadband service for consumers” and will not restrict broadband customers’ ability to use their hotspot to access services.

The regulator also said there will be no “shortcuts” for consumers.

“If you have a 5GB connection, then you can access a 4GB connection from your home.

If you have an 8GB connection then you could access a 3GB connection,” Ofcom wrote in the guidance.”

This will help ensure that broadband customers can continue to access the internet and access services, including hotspot services, at the speed they need.”

More:The guidance said consumers can access 5G service at a maximum speed of 100Mbps (megabits per second), but said it is “not a fixed speed” and it is up to the customer to decide how much they want to use that speed.

A 4GB data plan would be up to 10Mbps, while a hotspot plan could be up the same as 10Mbps.

In a statement, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said the Government will work with the industry and “all the stakeholders to ensure we deliver the right value for consumers”.

“The Government has also signed up for a 5 gigahertz spectrum deal with a new company to provide 5G connectivity to rural areas and urban areas across the country, which we will be reviewing shortly,” it said.”5G connectivity is being rolled out in England and Wales and will offer up to 30 times the coverage of today.”

We will also work with our telecommunications industry partners to support the deployment of 5 gigabit-per-second broadband services, with the aim of delivering the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective service possible for our customers.

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