The latest iteration of the Google search engine could make you more vulnerable to malware.

In the Google News app, the search term “Google Chrome,” will appear next to a link to a page that asks you to confirm your subscription.

When you click on that link, you’ll be taken to a Google News article that has been created by the company.

When you click through to the article, you’re presented with a popup menu, with three options: Sign In, Create Account, or Remove Account.

The last option is the most obvious: You’ll need to delete your Google Account to get rid of this app.

The Google News feature is designed to make it easier to search on the Web, but it’s not completely safe.

Google has recently added a pop-up menu that lets you remove apps and remove your history, and that’s likely why it’s only available in the News app.

The pop-ups are also only accessible through Chrome browser and not in Chrome OS, so it’s unclear if they will work in other operating systems.

If you’re not familiar with Google News, it’s an extension that lets users add and manage news feeds and other Google-branded content.

When a user is signed in, they’ll be able to edit and add new stories and events to their news feeds, which can then be filtered by keyword, location, or topic.

The extension also lets users choose which articles and topics to include in their news feed.

Users can also customize the way their newsfeed looks.

The app itself has a number of security concerns.

The app can track you and other users’ device location and can access your browsing history, which includes searches, location data, and even web addresses.

Google has also added a number other features that can help protect your privacy.

Users are able to opt out of Google’s “Cookies Everywhere” feature that collects information about what you search for on the web and what pages you visit.

The Google Search engine also has privacy settings that can block certain types of search results and content.

The News app does a great job of presenting a comprehensive set of security measures that users can turn on, and the app will only require a few clicks to remove the Google Account.

If you have multiple accounts, it will only remove one account, which will then be removed from the app.

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