A few hours before the match kicked off, the crowd had already gathered in the grass-covered area in front of the pavilion for a pre-match meal, while the rest of the stadium awaited the opening bell.

It was the perfect spot to get some work done, but there were still some questions to be answered.

The game had been delayed for two hours as a result of a power outage in the vicinity of the venue, which meant the game could not be played on Sunday.

A new ground would be opened on Monday, which would have made the game much more difficult.

As a result, a temporary indoor stadium would be built on the stadium site.

But the venue was not yet ready for use, and the authorities were still waiting for the ground to be operational.

“They just don’t know when the stadium will be ready for cricket,” said Suman Chugh of the Indian Cricket Association.

A temporary ground would also mean that cricket fans would be unable to watch the tournament on TV.

But cricket’s governing body has no plans to give up the idea of bringing the game to India.

In a press conference on Tuesday, BCCI president Amitabh Chaudhary said the tournament would still take place in the UAE, although he added that the venue would be set up in the country.

The IPL was not the only cricket tournament to have been delayed.

Earlier this year, a scheduled match between South Africa and Australia was cancelled due to a power surge in the Arabian Gulf.

The organisers also had to cancel a match between Pakistan and Bangladesh due to the storm.

The ICC also had its own problems on Tuesday.

The tournament was initially due to be played in Mumbai, the home of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The tournament, which was expected to be the biggest in the world, was postponed to September because of the threat of a solar flare that hit the Arabian Peninsula.

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