Apple is reportedly pulling out of the US with its Galaxy S6, due to the fact that it is allegedly not content with the content exclusivity policies in place in the country.

The US is reportedly one of the markets where the iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6c will only be sold through the major carriers.

However, according to a report by China-based news outlet CnC, Apple is also pulling out from Australia, the UK, and Canada as well.

CnC claims that the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be removed from the US market after a ‘content protection plan’ expires.

While this sounds rather vague, it sounds more like a statement that Apple is not interested in selling the devices through the large US carriers, as it seems Apple is more concerned with the ‘content’ of the phones.

Apple has previously stated that the iPhone is not a ‘consumer product’, which means that it cannot be bought by consumers, and it is a consumer device in its own right.

The move follows an incident in which Apple was accused of infringing on the US Copyright Act, with the company’s CEO Tim Cook stating that he would not allow Apple to use the iPhone’s design or software for its own profit.

Apple, however, has not responded to Cnc’s claims, and the company has been silent on the matter since the original report.

The iPhone 6 has been a hot topic of discussion in the UK and US, with a number of reports suggesting that Apple could be dropping the device.

The device is widely expected to be unveiled at Apple’s WWDC 2017 event on June 11.

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