AT&Ts customers can get a gigabit fiber internet connection for $40 a month for their home or business.

You can also use it to stream TV shows and movies over the internet, as well as stream music and movies online.

And Verizon has a similar deal.

You’ll need to sign up for a three-month trial period for a $70 a month service.

The new AT&ts plan is only available in Atlanta, but Verizon has similar plans that can be accessed in other cities.

Comcast is offering a similar service in some cities, too.

Both AT&t and Comcast customers get an additional $15 a month as a bundle.

You also get a one-year AT& T unlimited data plan, which is $30 a month if you use the phone to call someone.

Comcast offers its own unlimited data package for $35 a month, and it also offers a $15 per month data plan for customers in a region where AT& t customers live.

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